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Wangjuntr Golf & Nature Park

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About the courses...

Wangjuntr, a strange sounding and spelled name, is located in the seaside province of Rayong. The Wangjuntr Golf Club features two “twin golf course” layouts each featuring 18 fairways and 36 greens, the same arrangement as the Rose Garden Golf Club in Bangkok. Added to this trick, Wangjuntr Golf Park has two of the most challenging and stunning golf courses in Thailand. Read on!

The uniqueness of Wangjuntr is not only the two course designs, but also the pristine landscape that has been left in place. Intended to be an environmentally friendly Pattaya golf resort, the original landscape of mature rubber trees and pineapple, sugarcane and cassava plantations have been reconfigured and converted into two golf courses and a significant golf resort.

All large trees have been preserved and augmented by a well managed reforestation program. These two Thai golf courses reflect the magnificence and the harmony of championship golf courses set in the natural wilderness.


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