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Pinehurst Golf Club

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About the courses...

Pinehurst Golf Club, venue for the 1992 Johnnie Walker Classic and 1994 Thailand Open, is an international standard golf course 15 minutes north of Don Muang (Bangkok’s old) airport and 45 minutes from Bangkok center. This flat course consists of 3 nine holes each with theoretically different styles. The Lake course is similar to many American municipal golf courses. The Greenfield nine is very smooth and flat. The Forest course is the most challenging of the 3 nines. Pinehurst is rather average in quality and the club house and golf lodge are showing their age. That being said, the convenient location, wide fairways, and flat greens make it suitable for mid to high handicappers who want a relaxing game at an easy to reach Bangkok golf course. One of the par-3 holes boasts the largest putting green in Asia! Another unique point at Pinehurst is the VIP golf carts with Rolls Royce branding that are available for rent! This together with night time flood lighting makes Pinehurst popular with the locals and Asian expatriate golfers. The course has a generous clubhouse, on site golf lodge (only 2 star quality), and several restaurants. The view from the clubhouse lounge is quite nice, with the golf course all around.


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